Artists for Ukraine

Artists for Ukraine is an initiative co-led by artists at the University of Reading and in Reading town, a fundraising campaign receiving donations to support ‘Kuhknia’ (Kitchen) a private network of volunteers who are cooking meals, sourcing medicine and other vital supplies and arranging temporary accommodation for refugees stranded in Western Ukraine, in the cities of Lviv, on the Polish border, and Uzhgorod, on the Hungarian border. Over £4,000 has been raised so far from donations to the Artists for Ukraine website.

We are working in a personal capacity to raise funds to support the efforts in Ukraine. Artists and activists in Ukraine have organised themselves to provide food and shelter to people fleeing this desperate situation. They cook for refugees in makeshift kitchens and organise dormitories and beds in buildings like an old book factory or in create spaces in people’s homes.

Our members have family and friends who are caught up in this brutal war, so we know the fear and danger people are experiencing hour by hour in Ukraine right now. We welcome any support people can give to our cause.

To make a donation visit our website