Back and bigger than ever! – Whiteknights Studio Trail celebrates its 22nd birthday in 2022!

Back and bigger than ever, Whiteknights Studio Trail is in its 22nd year! This walking tour of artists’ studios in the University of Reading area takes place on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June from 11am to 6pm on both days.  There are 38 artists taking part, at 24 venues – with five serving refreshments.  Art and craft work from talented artists will be on display and for sale and the artists will discuss their work and take commissions.

Two artists at New Road have teamed up for the first time this year. Both Celeste Kelly and Caroline Marriott have been part of Whiteknights Studio Trail for many years and have always admired each other’s work. This year they have decided to share a venue and show how their art works together.  They will be at Venue 13, 40 New Road, Reading, RG1 5JD.

Caroline’s passion is for textile art and she teaches her craft at many local venues.  Her work is always developing and her passion for experimenting with colour and pattern and making something lovely is very satisfying for her an clearly shows in her work. She has always been interested in making figures and has made them in all shapes and sizes using a variety of techniques. Over the past two years she has found the time to do a lot more stitching and her pictures and books with their fanciful characters will be on display on the Studio Trail.

Celeste is a beautiful impressionistic fine artist whose paintings are born out of a desire to capture a moment in time through paint and other mediums. She is very much drawn to the energy and essence of her subject whether it be a bunch of flowers on a kitchen table, a landscape, an interesting interior or a person.

Caroline Marriott, said: “I think we are both ‘colourists’ at heart – we love colour and the effect it creates within the viewer. It’s really great to be exhibiting with Celeste who treats colour in a different way to me but it is compatible – we both play with colour and combine them in ways that sound as though they could not possibly work… but strangely enough they always do!”

Celeste Kelly, said: “I can’t wait to exhibit my latest works on the Whiteknights Studio Trail.  I’m particularly keen to show my most recent work. Exhibiting with Caroline is going to be such a colourful bonanza! Colour really excites me. Each colour has its own energy which I am always striving to encapsulate in my paintings. I also enjoy the way light and space play their part too. I paint quickly, hoping to bring movement to my work as I believe that nothing stays still.”

In aid of Ukraine, a very special 20x20cm exhibition will be on display at the Turret Gallery, Abbey School, Reading (Venue 22). All 38 artists taking part in the Whiteknights Studio Trail are producing a small piece and donating the sales in aid of the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

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Celeste Kelly and Caroline Marriott

Celeste Kelly and Caroline Marriott