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SITELINES presents 'Amelia'

The Victorian Baby Farmer


In March 1896, a brown paper package was found floating in the river at Caversham lock.  

What was discovered inside brought an end to the chilling career of baby farmer Amelia Dyer.  

Exploiting the train lines, the ineptitude of the police and the desperation of women in the Victorian era, Dyer is believed to be responsible for 400 infant deaths. An original, provocative and innovative promenade show that walks in the steps of Amelia. 

'Amelia' was originally staged in 2019 and returns by popular demand having received glowing reviews from audiences. The original creative team of South Street resident artists returns.
Created & performed by Cassie Friend, Benedict Sandiford & Sabina Netherclift  
Written by Benedict Sandiford  
Produced by John Luther
Production Manager: Adrian Croton
Stage Manager: Zoe Gibson  

Dates & times:  
Friday 16 July, 6pm  
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 July, 12 noon, 3pm & 6pm  

Caversham Lock & View Island
Please arrive at Thames Lido.  

£15, £13 South Street Members 

Important information:  
Recommended 14+   
Audiences are limited to 20 per show. 
The show promenades around View Island & audiences will be on their feet for most of the show.   
Please dress for the weather.   
No latecomers. 

All government guidelines for public performance will be adhered to at the time of the show. 

"Innovative and captivating. A local story that was conveyed with skill and the right level of emotion. We all loved it."

Audience Member 2019

"Excellent, imaginative telling of this well-known Reading true story."

Audience Member 2019

"Enjoyable and striking from the first moment."

Audience Member 2019