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World of Wine: Explore USA

12th April, Starting at 7 pm

Join us as we explore the USA. Most people only think of California when it comes to American wine but every State makes wine to one degree or another. 


The USA and its wine-making behemoth, California, offer two seemingly contradictory wine images. Firstly there is the world of cheap, sweet, soft, pink wines, served by the glass down the pub and sold by the boat load in the supermarket. Secondly, there is the super-premium, super-exclusive, super-expensive world of boutique Napa Valley wineries, as shown in films like Sideways.

Which is the 'real' Californian wine? Tonight we will explore everything in the middle: discover strawberry-scented Zinfandel (the red one, not the pink!), earthy Pinot Noir, and creamy soft Chardonnay. Californian wines are elusive and often expensive, but they are ranked as some of the best in the world - come along and taste for yourself to see why.

(Note, this evening is part of our core 8-week course - book all 8 evenings and save £55! It's flexible, so if you have to skip an evening you can pick it up next time it runs).

This evening is suitable for all levels of wine knowledge!