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Wine Vs Beer with Steak!

18th May, starting at 7 pm

Wine and Beer go head-to-head to see which makes the best pairing with Steak!

Which will you choose as we pit Wines from around the World with the ultimate Beers all accompanied by succulent Steaks?

A wonderful culinary evening showcasing mouth-watering steaks, paired with 3 superb wines from classic wine regions and 3 beers.  A fabulous feast for food, wine, and beer lovers!

Discover for yourself how versatile the humble steak can be, and how the right wine/beer choice is crucial.

Accompanying the taster samples of steak will be 3 delicious wines and 3 stunning beers to compliment your food, all especially chosen by your Kent Wine School host.

Learn how to match different wines for yourself as we talk about the role of tannin, fruit, and aroma in helping you choose your perfect wine for your own steak dishes.

Taste elegant Bordeaux, full-bodied, acidic Chianti Classico, delicately chocolaty Carmenere

By the end of the evening, you will feel able to impress your friends with your ability to match food and wine.   

Your Course Includes-

  • Three separate steak dishes prepared by The Corn Stores chefs
  • Tutored tasting of 3 red wines and 3 beers to match with these and other beef dishes
  • Full tasting notes on your wines