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TalkShow present Telethon

We live in an increasingly divided world, but if there is one thing that can connect us all, it’s a televised charity special.

Jennifer, our beloved Telethon host, dreams of uniting the nation behind a noble cause, Comic Relief-style. Special guests, prizes and oddball feats of endurance are planned, but she soon discovers that it’s hard enough to unite the studio, let alone the whole country.

In a darkly humorous exploration of public morality; right & wrong and our divisive tendencies, TalkShow invites you to join the studio audience as the Telethon veers wildly off the rails.

*Telethon features integrated captioning and moments of integrated BSL interpretation/translation

**Almost all of Telethon is captioned, using creative captioning as part of the video design. There are a few moments of audience interaction in the piece too,  these are interpreted by a performer onstage, who uses BSL as part of their character 

***For more information on access in Telethon and its role within the piece – visit the TalkShow website)

Commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall and supported by Developed With The Lowry. 

Age guidance: 16+
Running time: 90 minutes approx.