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Mitch Benn: The Point

presented by RBM Comedy

What it might be, how we can miss it and how we can find it again… 

Like all those who spread mirth for a living, MITCH BENN ("the country's leading musical satirist" - The Times) has been wondering if he's really making a difference, and if there is - yes - a POINT to what he - or anybody - is doing. 

Well the good news is he's had a long hard think about it and he's figured it out, and he's coming back to tell us all what the POINT of comedy - and much else besides - might be… 

Age guidance: 14+
Running time: 2 x 45 mins + interval (no support)

“Song after song of exquisitely crafted satire”

The Scotsman

“Well crafted, well sung, his songs are just plain funny”

The Guardian