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Matt Winning: Hot Mess

Avalon Promotions presents

HOT MESS both enlightens and lightens audiences about climate change. 

It answers questions like ‘Are We Screwed?’ and ‘What Can I Do About It?’ and explains why we’re playing the world’s worst Choose Your Own Adventure. Find out why we are fighting to save proper big chips, and how to solve climate change we need actual snakes on a plane and a new reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Plans for Loft Insulation.

After all, why does the end of the world need to be so depressing? 

Running times: 20 mins - interval - 60 mins
Age guidance: 14+

"Hilarious, informative and worrying in equal measure. And that’s just the bits about having a baby"

Josie Long on 'Hot Mess' the book

"HOT MESS provides loads of laughs about “the climate situation” and will position you at the right point between fear and determination"

Mark Watson on 'Hot Mess' the book

"Climate change is no laughing matter – oh yes it is – with Matt Winning’s superb, hilarious, side-splitting book that makes you take a whole new look at the climate crisis, surviving having children and life in general"

Mark Maslin, author of How to Save Our Planet