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An Evening With Secluded Bronte

Secluded Bronte are Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman and Richard Thomas.

The Anglo-Welsh trio have been together for 20 years. Since that time in 2002, they have continued to plough an idiosyncratic furrow into the heart of what one might call art-music.

Rock 'n' Roll, abstract noise, musique concrète, references to cinema and television, comedy, poetry, songs, sketches and theatre co-exist equally.

Secluded Bronte mix composition with improvisation: their scores are open enough to permit surprise.

There is also an element of their work which can be best described as a forensic exploration of everyday objects. The sounds produced are placed on an equal footing with more conventional instrumentation: guitar, piano, synthesizer, percussion.

For their Rising Sun debut, Secluded Bronte will perform three 30 minute sets. Doors at 8pm for an 8:30 start.