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Salsa & Tango Classes

Thursdays from 7pm

Regular salsa (La Rueda) and Argentine Tango classes are back, running on Thursday evenings and led by Larry Watson.

Beginners welcome!

La Rueda

La Rueda is Cuban salsa danced in the wheel – couples dance passing partners on around the wheel – it's great fun.

  • 7.00 - Beginners
  • 7.30 - Improvers
  • 8.00 - Continuation

Argentine Tango

The most elegant dance in the world, Argentine Tango is not like other dances. It relies on the ability of the dancers to connect through the dance and create a shared, improvised experience.

  • 8.30 - Beginners
  • 9.00 - Improvers
  • 9.30 - Continuation

The final 30 minutes of each class will be slightly more complicated stuff but should be fine for anyone who isn't a complete beginner.