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Dice Doodles Workshop

Sat 27 May / 24 Jun / 22 Jul, 14:00

Drawing can be relaxing, but sometimes it's hard to decide what to draw and easy to worry about how to draw it! In this workshop we aim to share different fun and easy doodle games to relax with.

Each doodle only requires one pen/pencil (but Immy will provide ALL of the pencils!), any kind of paper, and no particular drawing skills. We'll be using simple sets of rules and randomly generated numbers to take the decision-making out of sketching patterns, and relaxing abstract drawing to help give our brains a rest and process daily experiences.

This is a non-skills-based workshop, with no previous drawing experience required!

Activities aim to be short, stand-alone, and easy to repeat as a warm-down at the end of the day. They can be a great start to keeping a visual diary if that's your thing; but the workshop isn’t dependent on having or using any kind of diary to take part.


Immy Smith - visual artist & head of pencil hoarding

Maria Christodoulou - biostatistician & keeper of random numbers