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Bayeux Tapestry Tours

Saturdays at 14:00

Enjoy a guided tour of the famous full-size facsimile Tapestry with one of our gallery team. Suitable for all ages

If you are coming as a group please call the Education team on 0118 937 3400, as we may need to arrange a separate tour.

Book online now or pay on the day.

Please note: our drop-ins are very popular and may sell out. Please be aware we have limited capacity for activities in the museum.

"We attended the tour of the Bayeux Tapestry replica today - we just wanted to say how much we enjoyed it! The guide was very well informed, engaging and we learned a lot about the Conquest and the tapestry itself"

"The guide was first class and really opened up the stories that were depicted through the tapestry. He was knowledgeable and confident giving us a very clear account of the story. Well worth booking" 

"I really enjoyed the Bayeux tour today.  Well worth the fee".