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Part of The Study of Drawing

26 Jun 2021 11:00 & 10 Jul 2021 10:00

Saranjit Birdi is a Birmingham-based artist with an interest in drawing and human movement. As well as drawing and dance performance art works, he has created public sculptures and large-scale animations on buildings. Saranjit is the artist-in-residence for the Drawing Diversity project based on the exhibition Rubens to Sickert: The Study of Drawing at Reading Museum 24 April –7 August 2021.

For Shoe-Be-Do, Saranjit will be working outdoors with performers in front of the museum creating a foot drawing. He has previously created a series of architectural drawing of galleries and urban spaces – a work he calls ‘Limits’ – sketching the limits of the architectural surroundings with the limits of his body, his feet. He will be encouraging the public to join him and draw alongside, using their feet, bare or with shoes on!