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Dino Island

A Megagame for 40 players

Sat 27 Apr, 10:30 - 17:00

Dino Island is a unique and thrilling theme park that takes visitors on a journey to the time of the dinosaurs. Unlike traditional parks, the dinosaurs at Dino Island have been brought to life through advanced genetic manipulation, making them as real as they were millions of years ago.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we're planning major expansions in the next fiscal year. That's where you come in - as one of our Facility Management team, you'll be responsible for the safe and stable growth of the most exciting venue on the planet!


Dino Island is a hectic megagame for about 40 players with easy-to-pick-up board and card game mechanics and prominent elements of negotiation and roleplaying as you try to run a Dinosaur research lab turned theme park.

As a player, you can pick roles between being in charge and running a profitable park, working in one of the labs and balancing on the edge between entertainment and horror, creating thrilling attractions and hospitality opportunities, taking care of dinosaurs, or being part of the security team whose job is to literally "take care of dinosaurs".