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Crime Thriller Afternoon with Jacqueline Sutherland and A.A. Chaudhuri

Join Jacqueline Sutherland and A.A. Chaudhuri discussing the research and writing process, as well as the inspiration behind their novels.

Jacqueline Sutherland – Twin Truths.
From the author of The Coffin Club, a twisty psychological suspense about family secrets.

How well do your family really know you?

Belle can’t wait to finally have her twins all to herself after their first term at university. But when Kit unexpectedly brings back her boyfriend Ivo, Belle has to welcome him into their home. Charming and confident, Ivo soon wins over the family, but Belle can’t shake a strange feeling. And when Ivo reveals he knows a lot more about Belle than he first let on, she realises his intrusion into their lives could destroy everything she has built. How far is Belle willing to go to protect her family and herself?

Jacqueline Sutherland worked in corporate PR and marketing for over 20 years. She began her debut novel, The Coffin Club, on the 2020 Faber Academy Write Your Novel course. 

A.A. Chaudhuri – The Final Party.
In a luxury villa set high in the hills above the glamorous town of Sorrento, southern Italy, three couples gather for the perfect 40th birthday celebration.

Before the week is out, one of them is dead.

Their perfect reunion quickly becomes the holiday from hell when one of the group starts receiving anonymous messages, threatening to expose a dark secret from their university days.

As old friendships are tested to the limit, it’s clear that what happens in the dark past won’t stay buried…

A. A. Chaudhuri is a former City lawyer. After gaining a degree in History at University College London, she later trained as a solicitor and worked for several major London law firms before leaving law to pursue her passion for writing. She lives in Surrey with her family, and loves films, all things Italian and a good margarita!