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Collected Grimm Tales

19 Jun 2021-20 Jun 2021

Join us at 8pm on 19th and 20th June for the Collected Grimm Tales by Carol Ann Dufy and Tim Supple, directed by Victoria Gimby.  Filmed at South Hill Park Arts Centre and streamed via BookTix Live, this is a piece of live theatre not be missed!

Our actors’ showcase piece for 2021 features our Graduating Actors Company and is being filmed as a live theatrical experience to be streamed to your home online. 

PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE 2 CASTS FOR THIS SHOW AND YOU MUST BOOK FOR THE CORRECT ONE! 'Hansel' cast will stream on June 19th, and 'Gretel' cast will stream on June 20th

‘Great theatre is as fleeting as it is thrilling. It exists in the spaces between actors and audience and is as elusive and silvery as the paths that wind through dark woods of fairy tales. The great thing about Carol Ann Duffy’s re-telling of these Grimm tales is the generous energy with which it enfolds each in its own style. Duffy and director Tim Supple go the whole journey with the brothers Grimm into the bright, warped world of a child’s imagination.’