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Learn to Play Star Wars Unlimited!

28 May 2024-25 Jun 2024

Learn to play Star Wars Unlimited!

Are you new to Star Wars Unlimited or trading cards, but you want to learn how to play it? Our learn-to-play event is the perfect opportunity!

Start: 7pm
End: 8pm for the learn-to-play section, but you're able to stay for the weekly play until 10pm.
Max capacity: 4

What can I expect?

One of our experts will explain the basics of the game flow and share tips and tricks for future games.

You'll then play a couple of guided games using the Starter Set decks (Luke or Darth Vader).

After this you may use the Starter Decks to play for the rest of the evening with our regular weekly gamers and see some of the decks other players have built in action.

After the session you'll know:

  • How to play a game of Star Wars Unlimited!
  • An overview of the main keywords of the game.
  • How to utilise aspect icons.
  • How to use the action economy to turn the game flow in your favour.
  • An overview of the different game modes.
  • How to build your own 50-card deck for regular play.
  • How to build your own 30-card deck for sealed events.

Please note: During the event you'll be able to play with our store copies of the Starter Set, however, you will not receive any physical take-home products. We have plenty of stock available for purchasing though - if you enjoy the game!

Star Wars Unlimited was released at the beginning of March 2024 and already has a bustling community both world-wise and in Reading! We run our weekly casual play nights every Tuesday from 6-10.30pm. Click here for tickets.

Please see the Games Room Rules and the Ticket & Refund FAQs before booking.

This is an e-ticket. Your proof of purchase is all that's necessary to gain entry to our events. You will receive your proof of purchase immediately after the check-out via email. There's no need to print your ticket!

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