Exploring Reading's heritage while you walk

We all got into the walking spirit over lockdown. And it's still a great way to stay that bit fitter. So, we thought it would be good to gather some arts/culture/heritage walks together so you can be inspired to discover new things while out for your daily exercise.

The hidden histories. The "oh, so THAT's what that is". Easy routes that take in a dozen landmarks. Trickier routes that give you a great reward at the end.

Sights, sites, stories and storeys.

We put the call out on social media to see what was out there and the people and organisations of Reading didn’t disappoint. Including Terry Dixon of Terry’s Reading Walkabouts, who has shared some tips with us.

While we sift through all this info to create a “cultural walking map” of Reading, we figured the best thing to do for now was to share it with you. So you can be inspired right now and take in some of the town's art, culture and heritage even while most of the doors are shut.