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Reading Whiskey Affair Festival

For fans of scotch, bourbon, whiskey or cocktails

23 Nov 2019 Multiple times

The Whiskey Affair continues its nationwide tour by coming to The Great Hall in Reading on 23rd Nov. for a lively and fun time for any fans of whiskey. There are two sessions - 1pm and 7pm, with each one split into four sections - scotch, bourbon, whiskey and whiskey cocktails - there’s something for all levels of knowledge. 

This festival originated from a simple idea: to allow people to comprehensively explore the world of whiskey against a backdrop of good music, good fun and a sense of inclusiveness for any level of knowledge. For The Whiskey Affair: Reading they’ve stepped it up another gear. Alongside live music there are tasting sessions, free samples from a number of new brands, and an excellent mix of brand ambassadors animatedly conversing on their favourite subject.

All these factors and more mean you’re in for a great event and even friends and partners with no interest in whiskey can sample the cocktail menu and still enjoy the session. Who knows - with a variety of whiskeys ranging from smooth bourbons to spiced whiskies, you may even be able to change their minds…