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Rocket Kings / Damien A. Passmore & The Loveable Fraudsters

Come and join in the festive spirit with Rocket Kings and Damien Passmore & the Loveable Fraudsters.

Rocket Kings released their album, 'Everyday Adventures' on 1st October (out on all digital platforms, CD and even a very limited vinyl edition). The band is excited to play songs from the album, along with a few other tunes. Ukepop at its finest .

They are very excited to be joined by the fantastic "Country rock with it's tongue well into its cheek and everything turned way up" of Damien A. Passmore and the Loveable Fraudsters. Bringing together the least likely country musicians in town, DAP & the Loveable Fraudsters fuse hilarious lyrics, brilliant musicianship, awesome vocals and a whole bunch of energy into the loudest, laughingest country rock you'll hear in a long time - and you'll be humming for days.