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Troy's Story

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To accompany our forthcoming exhibit “Troy: Beauty and Heroism, a spotlight loan from the British Museum (February–May 2021)” we set up an online contest to engage with schools, especially KS2 teachers and students covering the ancient Greeks.

Kids got to storyboard the fate of different characters of the Trojan War, basing their drawings on the Iliad and the representations in our displayed vases. We reached out to the students via their teachers, with whom we have developed good relationships, and encouraged them to work on their ideas either individually or in groups.

Our team of volunteers, in collaboration with our staff, created these animations based on their original creations. They will be shown on a screen at the beginning of our exhibit and become part of our collection.

Here are the winners of the contest and the runners-up! They are all invited to visit us soon!

Winner 1

Bickleigh-on-Exe Primary School, Class 5.

Teacher: Mr Young

This class decided to work as a big group, focusing on different bits of the Trojan war to actually deliver a long and complete account of the myth. Pay attention to the quality of their drawings and the amazing attention to detail!

Winner 2

St Joseph’s College, Year 5.

Student: Luke

Teacher: Ms Hetherington

Luke’s storyboard was amazing, and the use of colour is simply incredible. The way he portrays the battles is so powerful! Congratulations, Luke!

Runners-up: The stories created by Nathan and Oliva have a great rhythm and gives you a dramatic overview of what was going on in Troy. Poor Helen! Poor Achilles! Poor everyone!

Winner 3

The Priory Primary School, ‘Year 5’

Student: Izzy

Teacher: Ms Coe

Izzy’s interpretation of the Trojan War focuses on the love that Paris (France?!?) felt for Helen and the tragedy that it caused afterwards. Cool drawings and colour!

Runners-up: EG, EL, IC and MMB “owned” the Trojan war and re-elaborated the myth creating the first Trojan chicken ever. Aryan, Wes and Seth focused on all the battles and how heroes usually don’t have a happy ending.

*All music was created by Kevin Macleod and we thank him for offering free downloadable resources on his website *