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Leon of Massalia

An unpublished Allen Seaby's manuscript

Every Tuesday 10:30

Artist and writer Allen Seaby spent most of his retirement preparing books about ancient art and archaeology for children. His story about a young visitor to ancient Greece, remains unpublished. In the words of Seaby: “Leon, who lives in the country near Massalia [Marseilles], is sent by his father to Athens, where he learns about the arts. As well as meeting and learning from lots of craftsmen he takes part in the Olympic games in 400 BC.”

We have brought this unpublished manuscript out of the Seaby Archives in University of Reading’s Typography collections and are serialising an adaptation of it here, expertly redacted by Benjamin Thrussell, who has just graduated from University of Reading (BA Honours). It is illustrated here with images from the Ure Museum collection, Seaby’s own published drawings and elsewhere.

We will publish a new chapter every week, don't miss it!