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Eat, pray, love in Antiquity at the Ure Museum - Online

Heritage Open Days 2021

Daily videos, 10-19 Sep

This September, Reading’s heritage will be on show for 10 days as part of England’s annual heritage festival, Heritage Open Days. Celebrating our buildings, natural and cultural heritage, this year there will be a fantastic range of free in-person and digital events to showcase the rich stories that make Reading such a unique place to live, work and visit.

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The Ure Museum and our colleagues at the Dept of Classics (University of Reading) will post a short video every day to explore food in Antiquity: ancient diet, depiction of food in our collection, cook-along recipes, and much more!

By addressing trading routes, written sources, ancient ingredients and recipes while exploring the Ure Museum collection, we will learn how eating was turned into a ritual that celebrated all your senses!

View anytime 10-19 September on our website