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Bordeaux Masterclass

9th May, starting at 7 pm

For many Bordeaux is the heavyweight champion of the wine world, it is by far the most famous and is synonymous with high-quality wine.

It is also one of the most complex and confusing of all the wine regions.

Do you know your left from your right ?- In this instance, we are talking river banks.

We will demystify all the jargon and give you all the info you need to understand this wonderful region. 

We'll delve into the grape varieties, the terroir, the picturesque Chateaus, and the (gulp) 1855 classification system and give a nod to the Judgement of Paris (not the Greek myth - although it didn't turn out as expected either).

Did you know Bordeaux makes white wines as well? We will be tasting one of these delicious whites alongside 5 stunning reds, from either bank and an indulgently sticky Sauternes. So 7 wines in total.