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The Actor & Truth - The Actor & The Audience

StrikeUp Theatre Ten Week Acting Course

Ten Week Course Begins Thursday 9th January 2020

THE ACTOR &TRUTH with Abbey Gillett                                                                                                                'Give up character and use yourself'- Michael Shurtleff.

What makes you YOU and, most importantly, how can you use this in performance? We will employ a variety of techniques to tap into your truth and then decant into the world of either a Shakespearean or contemporary play. The result will be work that is alive, honest and creatively unique! Final week: informal round-robin scene sharing.

THE ACTOR & THE AUDIENCE with Rachel Mary:                                                                                                 ‘The Actor’s Act is an invitation to the Spectator’ – Jerzy Grotowski
Theatre’s greatest power is it’s LIVE-ness. To ignore the living breathing audience before us is an actor’s darkest sin; to engage and excite and inspire them; our highest purpose. Learn tools and techniques to connect with your audience in different performance contexts. Two weeks monologues, two weeks duologues, two weeks scenes; six weeks of audience love. A selection of groups will perform every 2nd week; everyone will be invited up at least once.