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Mortimer Drama Class - Currently online

Ages 5-17

22 Sep 2020-8 Dec 2020

StageAbility drama classes are for the budding superstar, as well as for those who need to build confidence and increase their self-esteem.  There is no pressure to perform - shows are run outside of the classes for those who want to take part.

High energy classes mean that your youngster never gets bored, can't wait to get to class and develops a cross-section of life skills such as teamwork, confidence, clarity and self-discipline, through a range of drama games and activities.  No pressure, just lots of fun with like-minded friends.

Come and join the fun!

Ages 5-6     17.25 - 18.25
Ages 7-11   17.25 - 19.15
Ages 12-17 19.30 - 21.20