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John-Luke Roberts

After Me Comes the Flood (But in French) drip splosh splash drip BLUBBP BLUBBP BLUBBPBLUBBPBLUBBP!!

The critically acclaimed idiot John-Luke Roberts returns to the road with another ridiculously long titled show this autumn.

In a brand-new hour of extraordinary daft-hearted comedy, expect to not know why you are laughing once more...even when he gives you the punchline first. Jokes about staring into the Nietzschean void, the stupid decisions of kings and how Pinocchio can save the world all might make appearances in this hour of absolute silliness. But then again, maybe they won't. Who knows what could happen!

Age guidance: 14+

Running time: 60 mins

"A relentless tempest of insanely inspired shenanigans; a dizzying parade of mad skits and eccentric characters, all built on a nugget of peculiar innovation...Unflaggingly funny"

4.5 stars Chortle

"Freewheeling escapism...A joy"

- Fest Magazine

"A masterpiece...The show is exquisite, with every last element fine-tuned to perform its function"

- One4Review

"Killer gags...glorious idiocy"

- The Guardian

"A hit"

- The Times