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by Smith & Sveen

Unfortunately we have had to cancel this performance, as one of the two artists, Amund Sjølie Sveen, was due to travel to the UK from Norway for the tour, and the Norwegian authorities have advised him not to travel.

Anyone who has already booked tickets will be contacted directly.

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Change is possible.
Change is necessary.
Change is inevitable.

COMMONISM is a meeting of two people from different countries in search of some common ground. It’s a performed conversation – a dialogue that asks questions about nationality, internationality, theatre and politics.

Andy Smith and Amund Sjølie Sveen award winning theatre makers. Andy is originally from the North of England, Amund from the North of Norway. They have known each other for about fifteen years. Andy lived and worked in Oslo between 2006 and 2010, and in 2008 they collaborated on a project for young people called Hvor er du? (In English: Where are you?). COMMONISM is their new collaboration.

In COMMONISM they explore nationality and internationality, capitalism and democracy, future and hope, and the need for change. They talk about who we are – and who we could be – in the times we live in. They think about who we are and where are going, and make some suggestions for the future – for our common future.

‘…in the interplay between its minimal theatricality and a sincere commitment to actual shared presence and collective potential, it guilefully interrogates its limitations, politically and performatively.’ 

The Guardian

Commonism is a refreshingly self-aware, pleasingly simple work of political theatre that doesn’t outstay its welcome

The Boar