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Wuthering Heights

Sun 17 Jul, Doors Open 5:45pm, show starts 6:30pm

A vibrant new adaptation of Emily Brontë's elemental masterpiece…

Upon the brooding heath, unbound by the judgement of society, a wild and intoxicating obsession torments the moor. Be witness to a passion that goes beyond the grave. 

SISATA engages with the nature of love. Drawing out all its guises. In the toil for happiness - the lines between tenderness and mania, care and cruelty, are woven in the mist.

Accompanied by beautifully haunting original live music and uplifting songs to support this whirlwind of a story, this tempest of the heart.

Running time 90 mins


Dramatised and Directed by Charmaine K.

Developed with support from the Lighthouse, Poole


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