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Tribute Night: Christmas Special

Tribute Night is a long and winding train ride through the wonderful, eclectic world of popular music and a celebration of its most important, influential, innovative and fun exponents.  These are the people who crafted the soundtracks of our lives.

It’s a simple but winning formula: every three months, a different artist is featured and a varied bunch of local musicians play a varied bunch of songs by the featured artist. 

’Twas the Trib Night before Christmas... Join us for another Yuletide jamboree of Christmas-related ditties as we immerse ourselves indulgently in festive spirit! A bunch of local musicians and Rising Sun regulars will treat you to a delicious spread of musical Christmas cheer and a right old knees-up it will be too, especially the bawdy end-of-night sing-a-long finale, yet to be announced.

If you would like to perform at this night, whether as part of the finale or with your own contribution, please send an email to

Tribute Night Christmas 2018