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Bridging The Digital Divide

How can using video creatively support the re-engagement in activities of those excluded by the pandemic?

Seminar Panel discussion and Workshop - South Street Arts centre* and online

The Covid pandemic has increased the digital divide exposing new inequalities. Video can be a positive tool to get people engaged in activities, support learning share ideas and develop new skills. As part of the VEP project Real Time is offering seminars and workshops to explore how video can be used particularly with vulnerable adults or in non formal settings.

The session will introduce the various approaches and resources, available through VEP including:

  • Video Production for education and training
  • Participatory Video
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Stop motion and App based Animation
  • Video and employability training

Aimed at professionals, students and volunteers particularly those working with adults and young people from vulnerable groups but would be equally useful to those in the education and training sectors.

Live Panel discussion and practical tips from:

  • Clive Robertson, Creative Director/Founder Real Time Video author of “Participatory Video using video in group development”  an internationally recognised expert in the use of video with marginalised groups.
  • David Wall, Employability Consultant and trainer specialising in Digital media. Tutor and careers mentor with over ten years of experience helping professionals and hard-to-reach vulnerable clients successfully get to the next step in their career or into meaningful employment. He will explore how digital media can enhance employability skills.
  • Kate Shorey, A multi-disciplinary visual artist and workshops leader Uses art, photography, video and animation workshops with a degree in  Photography from Falmouth University, and will be discussing how animation can be used as an inclusive engagement tool within non-formal education both face to face and online.

*book asap as very limited numbers for the live event due to social distancing

Throughout June Real Time is also offering free bespoke video workshops to organisations - if you are interested contact for more information