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The Wonders of Willow

Heritage Open Days 2020

Sat 19 Sep, 11:00-16:00

Dingley Dell is a well hidden little patch of woodland in lower Caversham. Known once as 'Berry Brook' or 'The Withies', this woodland was once used for growing willow for the purpose of weaving into baskets.

Once you have booked into a time slot, you can have a go at weaving some simple structures with willow to take home with you, whilst learning about the history of the site and willow weaving.  

Basketry is thought to be one of oldest crafts used by humans, as baskets have been used since hunter-gatherer times to collect and store food. Using willow for crafting was favoured by the Romans, and popularity continued until the craft began to decline in the 19th century.  

Nowadays, you may find a few remnants of ancient willows once used for weaving along the bank of the river that runs through the Dell.