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St Mary the Virgin Church, Aldermaston

Heritage Open Days 2020

Sun 13 Sep, 13:00-17:00

The inside of the 900 year old church of St Mary the Virgin is decorated with wall paintings from 3 eras: medieval, post reformation and Victorian. The windows are all Victorian stain glass and there is a 500 year old alabaster tomb. 

The church is usually locked, except for services, so this is a chance to see this beautifully decorated church close up.  

Built in the 12th Century it is closely related to the history of the Aldermaston Court estate, and to the Lords of the Manor of Aldermaston.  

In 1893, Charles Edward Keyser bought the estate and became the Lord of the Manor. A decade before Keyser had compiled and published "A List of Buildings in Great Britain and Ireland Having Mural and Other Painted Decorations", so he was well placed when between 1896 and 1902 he commissioned the repair and redecoration of the church using his artist friend Philip Harry Newman.