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IA in Berkshire and Beyond: Our Industrial Heritage Explored in 280 characters

Heritage Open Days 2020

Tue 15 Sep, 16:00-19:00

An interactive Twitter conference featuring a variety of Industrial Archaeology topics including funiculars, the gas industry and industrial buildings in danger. There will be opportunities to question the specialists on their individual topics.

Industrial Archaeology (IA) covers many areas; transport, mills, machinery, waterways, factories, quarries, industrial buildings, power generation and much more. Often our industrial heritage is little known and is disappearing without being considered for preservation or being adequately recorded. IA aims to encourage a wider appreciation of our industrial past and act as a stimulant to the study and preservation of our industrial heritage.

A Twitter conference is a way of discussing a theme through a series of papers or a topic in an individual paper. In essence, it is like a normal conference presentation, but instead of speaking you present the information in a series of tweets, usually no more than 15, over a given timeslot. The concept also allows anyone with a Twitter account to interact with other conference attendees and the specialists presenting, leaving a permanent repository of information and links for people to enjoy wherever they are based and at any time. The conference will be linked through the hashtag #BIAG20