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Hidden Nature in Plain Sight: Reading's Heritage Trees

Heritage Open Days 2020

Sat 19 Sep. Tours at 14:00 and 14:30

Join us on a guided walk right in the centre of older Reading, led by popular and knowledgeable tree experts, passing through St Mary's churchyard and Forbury Gardens, looking at magnificent, rare, historic and quirky specimen trees with a story.

So often, when we think of "heritage", our thoughts turn to famous buildings, objects and traditions. Yet right before us as we walk by them stand trees with fascinating stories, many of them specimens planted by our Victorian forbears and now mature with magnificent shapes and character.

On this guided tree walk you will be led by well-known and appreciated walks leaders: Dr Michael Keith Lucas, from the University of Reading, or Geoff Sawers, co-author of  award winning "The Shady Side of Town. Reading's Trees" (2017, Two Rivers Press). Here will be a chance for visitors  to study the famous twisted shapes of the Indian Bean Tree, as well as gigantic  London Plane Trees, evergreen Oaks, a Mulberry Bush, a Handkerchief Tree,  the revered Verdun Oak and many more. As you walk along you will learn to start to identify the different species by their leaf shapes and bark. At the end of the walk in Forbury Gardens, visitors to Reading can then explore the adjacent historic area in and around Reading Abbey.