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Circus on Broad Street

Magical Christmas in Reading

Sat 21 Dec, 13:00 - 19:00

The circus comes to Broad Street and it will be a day of madcap, crazy and wild fun! Juggling with a comic twist, daredevil acrobatics, knife balancing and escapology and a fire show that will heat up your chills. These are no sideshows, they are top-of-the-big-top performers! Don't run away - but you might have to watch through your fingers!

Dan the Hat: Juggler and comedian

Let Dan the Hat take you on a frenzied journey of skills and comedy

Station forecourt @ 13:30

Market Place @ 15:00

Broad St (outside M&S) @ 16:30


The Felicity Footloose Show: 

Felicity juggles, dances and performs daredevil acrobatics

Market Place @ 14:00

Broad St (outside Clas Ohlsen) @ 15:30

Broad St (outside M&S) @ 17:30


Escapologist AJ James: 

Watch as AJ does knife juggling on a balance board, a timed escape from chains, leaps through fire, multiple back-flips and somersaults

Broad St (outside Clas Ohlsen) @ 14:30

Broad St (outside EE) @ 16:00

Broad St (outside M&S) @ 18:30



You must see this high energy, multi-award winning, choreographed fire dance and pyrotechnic spectacular!

Broad St (outside John Lewis) @ 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00

Magical Christmas in Reading