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Christmas Time Travellers

Magical Christmas in Reading - Broad Street & Reading Station forecourt

15 Dec 2019 Multiple times

Part of Magical Christmas in Reading’s Living Advent Calendar.  Having just arrived from their Victorian Christmas celebrations of 1888 and very much in the mood to share it with all, Professor Weft and Ms. Warp perambulate and play carols in their incredible contraption, an H. G. Wells style Time Machine. 

You’ll get a taste of Victorian life as they amaze passers-by with magic, mind reading and festive facts from the box of cosmic Christmas secrets. Find out many things you didn’t know about Victorian life, including what the Victorians ate for Christmas dinner (instead of chocolate coins and the like), were there Monopoly opportunities and just what they did all day instead of eating too much cheese in front of the television and flatulating for an entire afternoon?