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The 9 lives of the Ure Museum’s cat’s head

Heritage Open Days 2020

11 Sep 2020-20 Sep 2020

The Ure Museum and the Department of Classics at the University of Reading will prepare a series of short videos to explain the importance of one of the artefacts of our collection: a mummified cat's head. 

These videos will show how the Ure Museum and the Department of Classics' staff work together to analyse such a marvellous fragment of History.

We will upload one video per day during the HoD (11-20 September 2020)

  • Day 1 The cat goddess
  • Day 2 Bubastis: Sacrificing cats
  • Day 3 Mummification
  • Day 4: Mummy wrappings: Ancient recycling?
  • Day 5 Liverpool & other uses of mummies
  • Day 6 Reading 1: the Liverpool acquisition
  • Day 7 A visit to hospital
  • Day 8 Manchester & international stardom
  • Day 9 Reading 2: Welcoming a wide range of visitors to the Ure

Colour-in pages will be available for our young audience!