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Learn the Stew with RSJ!

2 Week Mini-Course

Join us on Monday 9th March at 7.15pm

We’ll be warming up the Rising Sun Arts Centre with one of our favourite endorphine-rushes, Mama Lu Park's Stew.

Choreographed by Mama Lu Parks, a woman who grew up in the swing heyday and was instrumental in teaching the next generations and keeping Swing dancing alive in the 50s-70’s, this routine is for you if you’re looking for an adrenaline hit!

All welcome! We’ll be teaching it from scratch starting on Monday 9th March over two weeks.

NOTE: Please come prepared to sweat! Bring a change of clothes (especially if you’re staying on for Balboa after our class) and especially a drink – a towel or fan may also be useful. Wear comfortable shoes that stay on your feet (i.e. with laces or straps) and avoid any heels (definitely no high heels/stilletos).

Mama's Stew