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Jekyll & Hyde

10 Oct 2022-29 Oct 2022

Written by Gary McNair


World premiere adaptation, based on The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson


Are those little voices in our heads our friends, or our enemies? What if they’re neither, what if they’re both?

In this captivating and comic adaptation by Gary McNair, the classic story of Jekyll & Hyde is turned on its head, revealing the depths of one man’s psyche and the lengths we will go to hide our deepest secrets. What will happen to a curious mind as it’s left to its own devices?

This project will see the creation of pieces of fiction inspired by real life.


For ages 10+

Actress Audrey Brisson in costume, tipping a bowel hat with smoke surrounding her
Actress Audrey Brisson on stage with a chair, lit warmly, staring vacantly into the distance
Actress Audrey Brisson talking into a microphone, holding out a bowler hat
Actress Audrey Brisson wincing in pain, the lighting orange and blue on either side, juxtaposing the split personalities of Jekyll & Hyde