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Reading Ale Trail

8 Feb 2020-8 Apr 2020

As of 16/03 the Ale Trail will continue. The deadline is rescinded - there is no new deadline but assume we are looking well-into the summer at the moment. So Trailers who are unable, or feel unable, to go to the pub do not lose out and are not feeling pressured to do so for any reason.

Therefore it is an individual's choice whether to go to the pub or not (whilst we still retain that choice as citizens). Assuming that some or all of the AT pubs remain trading in the short term.

Obviously the situation is fluid, and we will keep this under review; choice may be taken out of our hands anyway. We appreciate that there is no 'right' decision here; we hope you do too.


The Ale Trail is an annual event run by Reading & Mid Berkshire CAMRA in Spring to encourage people to find some local pubs in the Reading area and publicise the forthcoming beer festival. This year 700 booklets have been printed featuring 24 pubs. The task is simple: get yourself a booklet, then for each half pint of real ale or real cider (or a soft drink for designated drivers) you ask for a sticker. Collect all 24 stickers and submit your booklet by the deadline for a prize.