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Event Horizon

Sat 29 Apr, 10:00-16:00

Do not turn aside, voyager. Who knows what you will find, alone in the darkness of space? When you come face to face with the sins of humanity, what part of you will remain?

Explore an abandoned spaceship, uncover dangerous secrets, and work with - or against - your fellow explorers. Event Horizon is an interactive gaming experience for 44 players, running over a period of 6 hours. Each player carefully shepherds their limited resources - and dwindling sanity - as they try to make sense of what they have found. The game builds organically towards a climactic finale driven by players’ decisions throughout.

Event Horizon is based  in a near future, space horror setting. There are elements of combat and violence in the game. The claustrophobic setting of the game leaves little room for the “grand scale of things” as each player is ultimately left alone to face what lies in wait on the Event Horizon.

You don't need any previous megagame experience to play this game. There are umpires called Control who will help you on the day so you can focus on having fun with the other players. In terms of roleplay vs strategy this is very much up to you as a player. This means that the problems you face can be handled through the game mechanics (spending dice from your dice pool) or through roleplay (talking to other players). No roles are more or less mechanical, and your personal playstyle will influence how you play the game on the day!