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The Sound of Words by Helen Cammock

Billboard posters in Crown Street

25 Jul 2019-25 Feb 2020

Reading International is pleased to present the final iteration of The Sound of Words, by Helen Cammock. Twelve billboard posters were created as part of an artist-led workshop in association with an exhibition at the Museum of Reading. The texts and images generated by participants are posted to the Crown Street – Southampton Street billboards. The workshop for The Sound of Words sought to address the diverse interpretations of what community means and what people understand by it today. The posters respond to these questions of community – what do we understand by it; what is our stake in it, why our contributions to it can often vary, and why sometimes our individual and community voice can go unheard or unrecognised.

Helen Cammock billboards on Crown Street

Helen Cammock and NOVEL would like to thank Carol Kekana, Jessica Choi, Clémence Muller, Verity Tucker, Richard Stainthorp, Rhiannon Stocking-Williams; Reading Museum, the Reading Foundation for Art, Mary Genis at CultureMix, Jeff Jones and the Barbados and Friends Association of Reading (BAFA) and the Reading Foundation for Art.

The Sound of Words by Helen Cammock is the final episode of NOVEL’s year-long publishing and curatorial project  A reproduction of three weeks in May 1970, it has featured contributions by Renee Green, Studio for Propositional Cinema with Hampus Lindwall, Patricia L. Boyd, and Steven Warwick.