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La Belle Epoque (15)

An unusual French romantic comedy where Victor (Auteuil), 60, wants to rekindle his long marriage to Marianne (Ardant). He meets Antoine (Canet) whose company is to allow people to re-enact the happiest time in their life. It is a new version of time travel and Victor choses the moment when he first met Marianne in 1974. The special effects are handmade and the whole experience reveals more on relationships and more on our times than what was expected. Dialogues are witty and striking. Let us add that Victor is the only client to choose to re-live a moment of his own life instead of someone else’s life. Nostalgia is the most popular feeling and Belle Epoque makes it come real. This type of film works better than marijuana!

France 2019 – French with subtitles – Directed by Nicolas Bedos with Daniel Auteuil, Fanny Ardant, Guillaume Canet – 115 min

This is accomplished commercial filmmaking of a type rarely seen these days, much less applied to this kind of old-fashioned but sharp-minded material – HOLLYWOOD REPORTER