Reading Between The Lines Theatre

RBL Theatre is for everyone. Producing multi-award winning theatre in some of Reading's oldest buildings, including Reading Minster.

Toby and Dani Davies are the co-founders and associate producers of RBL Theatre. Making productions happen and being a small part of the drive to culturally embolden our town, continues to prove a hugely rewarding experience for Dani and Toby.

In October 2019 RBL Theatre announced it has gained charitable status and after a lot of consideration have decided to change the name of the company.

The company wanted to stay true to its roots, to keep the RBL and to have an instantly evocative single word that epitomises its shows, the way that we work and the way that we want an audience to feel. RBL does not want its audience sitting back and relaxing as Matilda escapes from Oxford Castle, as Henry stands by whilst a peasant girl gets brutally abused, or as Oscar Wilde is severely punished for just being himself. We want to provoke a reaction, to inspire a RABBLE.

RABBLE Theatre, therefore, is the new name and the first show will be The Last Abbot in June 2020, with Macbeth and Hansel & Gretel helping to smooth the transition.

To give you an insight into how we create our work, Atlantic Garden Media are supporting us by offering to make us a series of podcasts. In the first ever episode, Dani & Toby discuss the new name and venue before chatting with composer Harry Smith about creating the soundtrack for Macbeth and Caroline Sheard about her role as stage manager on this show. It's wrapped up with question time, which you can get involved in... Listen Now