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Jon Wilks, a superb performer and arranger of traditional songs, makes his Readifolk debut on 5th April

What he says:

I am a performer and researcher of traditional songs, specialising in the history and telling of the tales that surround the music. My set has been described as one part history, one part comedy and one part folk music. In 2018 I released Midlife an album of songs that were collected in and around Birmingham.

What others say: One of the best of the New Wave of Folk Blokes. As a guitar player and arranger of traditional songs, Jon Wilkes already deserves speaking of in the same breath as your Simpsons and your Morays” fRoots magazine

“The sort of performer folk circles mean when they talk of the Living Tradition” Mike Davies,

What we say: Jon is rapidly rising through the ranks of traditional folk singers . Don't miss this opportunity of seeing this special performer.

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