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Romeo & Juliet

Open Air Shakespeare

14 Jul 2021-24 Jul 2021

Encapsulating tragedy and comedy, the most famous romance in the world comes to the Reading Abbey Ruins in 2021. A group of masked Montagues risk further conflict by gate-crashing a Capulet party, and young lovesick Romeo falls instantly in love with Juliet Capulet.  But her toadying parents’ plan to marry her off to her father’s choice, the Count Paris, sacrificing Juliet’s happiness to enhance their social status. Their burgeoning romance is further threatened as the age-old vendetta between the two families erupts into bloodshed, and the seemingly star cross’d lovers find themselves on opposite sides of a divide that cannot be bridged. Toxic machismo, street violence and polarised mindsets all find parallels in the present-day, giving this story a freshness and relevance to audiences of all ages.  With comedy and music, and modern language semi-improvisations that never compromise the work itself, this production will also appeal to those who rarely visit the theatre or read Shakespeare.

In the historic setting of Reading Abbey Ruins, watch this performance of Shakespeare's most-performed tragedy as the sun sets.