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New Writing Week

Video releases Monday 12 - Friday 17 Oct, and a live event on Saturday at 7:45pm

We’re dedicating an entire week to showcasing new work by local writers! These shows are FREE to watch for everyone, so keep your eyes peeled for a new, made-for-digital play, every day, on Progress TV.

Scheduled Programme:

Tiger's Eye by Matthew Beswick. Directed by Liz Carroll.
Three fantastic monologues following a peculiar jewel through history, as told by a cave woman, an archeologist and a scientist.
Eaten Cold by Anthony Travis. Directed by Maria Hackemann.
A vengeful office worker attempts to get her own back on her colleagues, after an office romance goes sour and she's overlooked for promotion.
A Love of Sorts by Liz Carroll. Directed by Josephine Metcalf.
A powerful and moving look at a mother / daughter relationship and their different views of a troubled family history. Content advice: domestic abuse. 

Mary by Anthony Travis. Directed by Anthony Travis.  
An older man seeks peace despite his haunting memories of a traumatic war. Content advice: Descriptions of violence and PTSD.

Sweet Dreams by Sarah Swatridge. Directed by Aidan Moran. 
An older married couple's attempt to get a good night's sleep is ruined by soap, mice, dozens of pills to take in the right order… and the fear of dying in their sleep.

Scratch Night, live on Zoom. This is an opportunity for writers to have their work brought to life, followed by a Q&A session with the writer, audience, actors and director.