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Great Expectations

Open Air in the Reading Abbey Ruins

20 Jul 2022-30 Jul 2022

This amateur production by Progress Theatre is a new, faithful, and fast-paced adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale for the stage.

As the sun sets over the ruins of Reading Abbey, see how orphan Pip comes into his "great expectations". His journey from a boy to apprentice blacksmith, to young gentleman, is packed with surprises and setbacks.

His older sister brings up the young Pip "by hand". The kindness of her husband, Joe, compensates for her casual cruelty. After a terrifying encounter with an escaped convict, Pip obeys a summons from the reclusive Miss Havisham to play at her house. There he meets the haughty Estella, with whom he becomes besotted.

Some years later, Jaggers, a lawyer, surprises Joe and Pip with news of Pip's great expectations. But who is his mysterious benefactor? Can he now win the love of coldhearted Estella? And will his new wealth make him happy?

Join Pip and a cast of memorable characters for a timeless tale of mystery, humour and redemption.


Adapted for the stage by John R.Goodman. You can purchase your own copy of this original script from Amazon.


Reading Abbey Ruins