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Pavlo Kerestey: Studio Exhibition #1

9 Oct 2021-3 Nov 2021

Studio Exhibition #1.

09 October 2021 - 3 November 2021

Private Reception and Drinks

Suturday 16 October, 5pm - 9pm

Pavlo Kerestey is both an analyst and an artist. He seeks a conceptual and theoretical basis in painting, as in any other form of creative activity, whether it be text, video or performance.  Behind each stroke in his work, there is a well-thought-out and conscious movement of the author associated with current social and cultural context. The author explores demands and expectations in communication between the artist and the viewer, reflecting on the social role of each participant in this interaction. Another hot topic Pavlo Kerestey reflects on in his works is a tense expectation of a disaster, the future Apocalypse existing as a permanent background to the everyday life of contemporary human beings. In his expressive works using anxious, tense, bright, sometimes luminescent colours Kerestey looks into the very foundation of reality and human nature, analyzes basic instincts and reactions — testing himself and the audience, determining the development of individual life strategies.